Well, we’ve made it to Colorado!  Things I’ve learned so far:
– You can end up in some scary parts of St. Louis if you miss your turn
– Flooding can and will close an interstate
– Ice in a cooler on top of the car will melt fast in 107 degree temperatures
– Kansas is still flat
– Nebraska is also flat, but with more corn…much MUCH more corn
– Both states are great for napping in the car.
– My best friend Meredith and her husband Chad have two beautiful little boys.  The youngest being one day old, and I fell in love with him immediately after meeting him!
– Colorado is flat for a while before you see the Rockies….I was beginning to think they’d moved them.  Good news:  they’re still there, and they are AMAZING
– There are mountain climbing llamas in Colorado

That list pretty much summed up our trip so far, minus about a thousand details (yes mom, you will hear all of them).  We have had a blast so far, and there is still so much left to see! I am continuously in awe of the Creator that we serve, and I cannot help but praise Him with every new thing that we see.