Rocky Mountain National Park.

That’s probably all I could say about today, and it would suffice.  However, I will share a little more than that.

Most of our day consisted of driving through RMNP, and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! We drove up to the top of a peak to the Alpine Visitor’s Center (11,796 ft).  It was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever been on! There was still plenty of snow, as well as mountain goats, elk, amazing look-outs, and a very helpful park ranger named Joan who gladly took our picture at Rainbow Point.  We are now in Breckenridge, CO.  A place that is special to Beau because he spent a summer here a few years ago.

So, here’s a question:  What do you do when you arrive at the lodge for which you’ve had reservations for 6 months, and it’s closed? Yes, closed…out of business, locked doors, no lights on, hardly anything in the rooms.  Well, I’ll tell you.  First, you worry for a few minutes thinking “we have no place to stay, and they have our money already?” Then you realize, “wait, that can’t really happen.” You then call some local magic number and the man on the other end says “yeah, that place closed, but we’ve upgraded you with no extra charge.”  No complaints here.  I should also mention that Mexican restaurants out here are not the same as the ones in the south.  For example, we ate at “Mi Casa” tonight and I had a chicken quesadilla. (yes normal, I know.  But wait for it…) Beau had Elk enchiladas. Interestingly enough, they were pretty good! Breckenridge is beautiful, and-be jealous- 65 degrees.  However, tomorrow we head to Moab and I’m pretty sure the forecast is over 100.  Hmmm…we’ll see.