Still in Utah.  
Lots of dry wind, salt, beautiful scenery, and of course . . . Mormons.  We made our way to Salt Lake City this morning.  We took our time driving around the city and seeing the sights.  We first went to the Gilgal Gardens.  The Gardens contained many hand carved stone sculptures.  They were very impressive! However, as you will see in one of the following pictures, if someone has carved a giant head out of stone, well….some pictures are just necessary.  
After the Gardens, we drove past the state capitol, the University of Utah, and the Utah Jazz basketball arena.  Before leaving the city, we drove out to the Great Salt Lake.  I have been to the Dead Sea in Israel and in my opinion, the Great Salt Lake appeared even more “dead” than the Dead Sea.  It’s not more dead in the scientific sense, i.e. relation to sea level or salt content; the Dead Sea definitely has it beat on those factors.  When I say “dead”, I mean there were literally dead sea gulls, trash and gnats everywhere! Pretty gross for a major attraction.  
The Saltaire is a building that stands near the GSL.  It is currently used for concerts and events, but the one standing now is the third one.  The very first one was built as a western version of Coney Island in 1893.  If you’re curious about the history (which is pretty cool) and seeing a picture of the very first one that stood over the water (which is also cool)  head on over to it’s wikipedia page. 
After our picnic of ham and cheese sandwiches, we drove to Logan, Utah where we are currently staying at the nicest Holiday Inn Express I have ever seen.  I’ve decided I want to take it with us on the rest of our trip.  
Tomorrow, Jackson Hole, WY. and the Grand Tetons.  We’re about to enter into some much cooler weather and a lot more animals.  Don’t worry, Moms; we bought our bear spray today!