To summarize…

Fall arrived and it came with some color.


Went to an Auburn game and I didn’t hate it.  They beat Ole Miss 41-23.  They moved up from my 12th favorite team in the SEC to my 11th favorite team in the SEC.  Way to go wife, you pulled one over on me.  Plus the free tickets, free food and free place to stay didn’t hurt either (we had free skybox tickets!)


Sarah and her mom started a photography business.  Maple Leaf Photography.  I designed the logo, pretty proud of that.  They’ve also got a facebook page, so check ’em out if you’ve got a spare minute.


Went to Arkansas for the Inaugural Oldtee event.  Still not 100% sure what that means, but it did involve good friends, camping, memories and a little bit of cold weather.  Plus the Park Ranger told us to quiet down.  That’s the official sign of a good time, getting threatened to be shut down by Johnny Law.  We even successfully cooked biscuits over an open flame.  #goodtimes

Again with the ugly field.  Adam took us to a UCA game and the sunset actually made the field bearable for a few short seconds.  Had to snap this shot.

I bet I see you sooner than you expect….