37 weeks and 3 days along…the countdown has been going fast and yet slow; great and yet miserably; exciting and yet strange.  It’s almost time and Beau and I are ready for the little guy to get here.  However, I make no promises as to Deegan’s due date.  I’ve had requests from certain friends/family that he be born on their birthday or when they are going to be in town.  I can guarantee they will not all line up.  However, I will do my best to make sure as many requests as possible overlap.  I will add though, that Granddaddy has promised me a silver dollar if Deegan is born on his birthday, so I will possibly be shooting for that.

Carrying this baby around has been the most amazing experience.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

First Trimester:  Some morning sickness while also feeling hungry all the time
Second Trimester:  No more morning sickness, still hungry, face gets broken out like a teenager
Third Trimester: No more broken out face, still hungry, heartburn, swollen feet, tingly hands
All 9 months:  Best thing ever to see/hear/feel my baby grow.  I can not wait to meet him!

I am planning to stay home with Deegan instead of going back to teach again.  I will still be coaching Jr. high girls basketball, doing my photography, and I’ve even recently become a Premier Designs Jeweler!  Lots going on, but I’m so excited about all of it!

Beau has been driving to Addison, AL. recently for work so he can help them with their water system.  He stays busy, and loves his job.  I have to brag on him because he does all this mapping stuff that I don’t think I’d ever be able to fully understand, even though I pretend to.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hearing about his adventures at work, but there’s a reason he’s the GIS/GPS/mapping expert and I’m not.  He’s just so talented 🙂

I know I’m not the best at keeping this blog updated, but I will try to update fairly soon. Probably the next update will be after we have a baby.  Whoa!

– Sarah