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It’s been a while since I updated the blog and Beau let me know that it was my turn.  As many of our friends and family know, the past 3+ months have been a chaotic, emotional roller coaster.  We experienced the joy of birth, the sorrow of death and finally excitement over the marriage of my brother Joe & his new wife Leah.  That’s the excuse I’m using for why I haven’t written anything since before Deegan was born.  He is now about 3 1/2 months old, and will be 4 months on October 26th.  It’s hard to believe how quickly he’s growing!  I know all you mothers out there are thinking “just wait…. wait til he turns 1 year!” or “wait til he’s in high school” or “wait til he’s driving” or “wait ’til he has a child of his own”.  I realize that’s the course our lives typically take as we get older, but I’m choosing to not think of my child as a teenager just yet (especially if he’s as stubborn as his parents).  I’m sure every mom out there has had these same thoughts though, and before they knew it, that time was upon them.

In the mean time however, I’m trying to take advantage of all the cuddle time with my boy before he is too old to cuddle with his Mommy.  I’m enjoying every little coo and laugh and the huge toothless grin that melts my heart.  Every day is meaningful because every day brings something new. Having a child has helped me understand just how small I am, as well as how blessed I am.  I am made aware of how great my Savior’s love for me must be.  As I love my child beyond description, how much greater is God’s perfect love for me, his child?

Despite our busy lives, Beau, Deegan and I have made time for a few walks and drives to enjoy what is easily my favorite season, Fall.  It was my favorite season as a child because October is my birthday month, but now, the reasons are abundant.  Now it’s my favorite because of the beauty and the weather.  The humidity is gone, the trees are turning beautiful colors, and I love walking through our neighborhood because there’s a slight breeze in the cool air that blows crunchy leaves on the path.  The trees overhang the street to give a colorful, and almost comforting, canopy as we walk.

We went for a drive on the Natchez Trace this afternoon, and once again, I noticed the beauty of Fall in North Alabama.  A thought struck me that I’d never considered before.  What if Fall is God’s way of showing us that the dying process can be a beautiful thing?  I know that sounds a bit morbid, but bear with me.  When you realize what Fall is, you can understand it a bit better.  Fall is nothing more than the process of nature dying.  How can something that has to do with dying be so beautiful?  Maybe it’s God’s way of showing us that our life, however long or short it may be, is a dying process.  We weren’t created to live forever.  We were created for eternity in another place. So, like nature, everyone’s life has a season that prepares them for death; and, like nature, shouldn’t our lives be beautiful? Shouldn’t our short time on this earth be filled with an evident, beautiful change that brings glory to Christ?  Maybe death is hard for the ones left behind.  Maybe it feels cold and harsh- like winter.  But the season before death is beautiful, and a time when we see a person’s true colors.  It’s a time when we see God glorified. . . no matter what.

– Sarah