We are the Coopers.  Our growing family of 5 is humbly, and sometimes messily, seeking God’s plan for our lives and trying to glorify Him.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Your blog is great and I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say how much I love this site! What a beautiful family!

  3. Hello again, I’ve nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. You can choose to participate or not. It’s up to you. To read more about it, you can go to my post: http://tfaswift.wordpress.com/2012/10/13/beautiful-blogger-award/ and find directions, as well as a list of other bloggers I’ve nominated.

  4. Beautiful work you have here.

  5. I think that we are more interesting than we give ourselves credit for. People in general I mean.

  6. Cooper eh? I was a Cooper before I got married and I have family in Bama. Hey – maybe we are related! lol

  7. Love everything I see here!

  8. I agree with the comment, above”Beautiful work you have here.”

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